3/30/2020 Coronavirus Updates

Posted: March 16, 2020 8:21 am



Summit Township Municipal Offices and Garage Closed

In order to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus and protect the health and safety of local residents, the road crew and office staff, the Summit Township Municipal Offices and Garage will be shut-down until the COVID-19 situation improves. Emergency events will be addressed when necessary.

Staff will periodically check e-mails, phone messages, and the drop box located on the east side of the front entrance of the Municipal Building during this time. We will make arrangements to help with any problems related to municipal government. You are encouraged to visit the Summit Township website at summittownship.com for additional information and updates.

Township Phone # 814-868-9686

Township Supervisors:

Chairman – Tony Davis – 814-572-7459

Supervisor – Jack F. Lee, Jr. – 814-823-9940

Supervisor – Mark A. Welka – 814-450-3200

Summit Township Tax Collector Office Closed

In an effort of Coronavirus Preparedness, effective Monday, March 16, 2020, the Summit Twp. Tax Collector office will be closed to the public until further notice.

Due to the close proximity in the office, the 6 – 10 feet social distance that is recommended by the CDC cannot be obtained.  The safety and well being of all taxpayers must be the number one priority.

No services will change other than counter service.  Payments may be mailed or left in the secure lockbox located to the right of the office door at any time.  If you need a receipt, please enclose a S.A.S.E. or provide your email address and I can email you a receipt.

I will be answering phone calls, emails and other services you may require during this time.  The only service that will not be accessible will be face-to-face counter service.

As soon as the Coronavirus Pandemic is resolved, counter service will be reinstated.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Summit Senior Center closed until further notice to prevent the spread of the Coronovirus.

Coronavirus: Protect Yourself

Health officials are advising those at high risk of developing severe illness from the Coronavirus to avoid crowds, particularly in poorly ventilated areas, and to avoid touching common surfaces when out in public.

The risk of illness and death is highest among those over age 80, and increases with age, starting at age 60, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control, (CDC).

All members of the public are advised to carefully consider whether to attend large public events, and to use common sense precautions of covering coughs and sneezes, frequent hand-washing and avoiding touching the face and clean your cell phone. The CDC says gatherings of 50 or more should be canceled for the next eight weeks. That takes us to mid May.

Thank you and please do not panic.