♻️ Summit Township is excited to announce the return of curbside recycling! ♻️
For more information, please visit https://summittownship.com/recyclinginfo/

2010-03 Municipal Solid Waste Ordinance as amended by
Ordinance 2024-02

♻️The new program allows each residential household to have their recycling collected by their current trash hauler.
♻️The fee for this service will be added to your trash bill. Your hauler will be providing information regarding cost, start date, and pickup day.
♻️Each residential household will receive a free 65-gallon recycling toter delivered by Rehrig Pacific the last week of March. If, by chance, the toter has not been delivered before your first recycling pickup day, please use your current recycling bin or any other bin you may have that is clearly marked recycling. Residents can request an additional toter for $55.00 by contacting the township office at 814-868-9686.
♻️Properly sort your recyclable materials from your trash and ensure all items are loose in the toter; no bagged items are allowed.
♻️Allowable items include: newspaper, full-size office paper, cardboard, paperboard boxes, plastic bottles, plastic jugs, plastic jars, aluminum drink cans, and metal food cans.
♻️The current Drop Off option will continue until June 1, 2024