Code Enforcement

Code enforcement is the enforcement of all Summit Township Ordinances and Resolutions. The intent and purpose of code enforcement is to protect and promote the public safety, health and welfare of the Summit Township community. The duties of code enforcement are performed by the Code Enforcement Officer Kip Hayford.

Our most frequent ordinance violations include:

Zoning Ordinance 2021-02 Article 8 Signs – Not complying with the provisions of Article 8.

Zoning Ordinance 2021-02 Section 618 Vehicle Storage – Storage of uninspected motor vehicles.

Ordinance 2010-03 Solid Waste – Improperly disposing of solid waste and recyclables.

Ordinance 1991-03 Snow Removal & Winter Parking – Removing snow or ice from any driveway or private road and depositing the same onto, across, or along any public roadway. Also, unlawfully parking any type of vehicle on any public roadway in Summit Township during winter maintenance operations months (November 1 – April 30)

Ordinance 1992-09 Open Burning – Burning ineligible materials or conducting an open burn without obtaining a Burn Permit.

If you have comments, questions or concerns regarding ordinance violations, please call the zoning office at (814) 868-9686.

If you are concerned that Summit Township ordinances are not being obeyed, you may report your concern by submitting a Resident Complaint Form.

To view these ordinances, please visit our Ordinance Page