Land Development
and Zoning

Jack Lee, Jr., Supervisor
Director of Land Development
(814) 868-9686 ext. 231

Tamara Cass
Zoning Administrator
(814) 868-9686 ext. 243

Debra Jageman
Administrative Assistant
(814) 868-9686 ext. 241

Kip Hayford
Code Enforcement Officer
(814) 868-9686 ext. 250

Matthew Jonas, P.E.
Township Engineer
(814) 868-9686 ext. 245

Joe Whitmer
GIS/MS4 Technician
(814) 868-9686 ext. 242

Zoning Map

Transportation Map


The Township is divided into eleven (11) districts shown by the district boundaries on the Zoning Map and known as:

RR (Resources – Rural)
RN (Resources – Natural)
RLD (Residential – Low Density)
RMD (Residential – Medium Density)
RMF (Residential – Multi-Family)
MUN (Mixed Use – Neighborhood)
MUR (Mixed use – Regional)
CL (Commercial – Local)
CC (Commercial – Corridor)
IND (Industrial)
IP (Industrial Park)
LF (Landfill)

Permitted and special exception uses for each district can be found in our Zoning Ordinance under the Ordinances tab.

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Mixed Use Districts
commercial districts
industrial districts
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landfill district
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