Tax Collection

Tax Collectors

H.A. Berkheimer Tax Administrators
3608 West 26 Street
Suite 202
Erie, PA 16506
(814) 833-4870
(800) 383-4870
Earned Income Tax
Occupational Privilege Tax
Per Capita Tax
Debra Cameron
Tax Collector
1754 Townhall Road
Erie, PA 16509-5056
(814) 866-2653
Real Estate Tax



Earned Income Tax

A tax for general revenue purposes is imposed on earned income, including salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, incentive payments, fees, tips, and other compensations received by residents, as well as any income from net profits and joint ventures. All residents of Summit Township are subject to the tax. The earned income tax is 1% of gross income. Proceeds from this tax are shared equally by the Township and the Fort LeBoeuf School District.

Local Services Tax

The Local Services Tax (Formerly Occupational Privilege Tax) is levied by Summit Township for the privilege of engaging in an occupation within the Township. All residents and nonresidents alike who are employed in Summit Township are required to pay an annual LST of $52.00. The proceeds generated by the LST are distributed to the Fort LeBouef School District ($5.00) and Summit Township ($47.00). Summit Township uses its portion of this revenue to fund Perry Hi-Way Hose Company’s paid ambulance service. For questions concerning exemptions and refunds of the LST, please contact H.A. Berkheimer, Inc. whose contact information is listed above, or click here to view Ordinance #2015-05.

Per Capita Tax

A $10 Per Capita Tax is a flat rate tax levied by the Fort LeBoeuf School District upon each individual, eighteen years of age or older, residing within the Fort LeBoeuf School District of which Summit Township is a part.

Real Estate

All owners of taxable real property in Summit Township (vacant land or residential, commercial, and other structures) are subject to a real estate tax each year. All property owners in the Township pay three different kinds of real estate (property) tax. The Township levies the local tax, Erie County levies the County real estate tax and the Fort LeBouef School District levies the school real estate tax.

Real Estate Tax Millage Rates

Township – 0.59 mils (.00059) x assessed value of property
County – 5.71 mils (.00571) x assessed value of property
School – 13.56 mils (.01356) x assessed value of property


2015 Tax Pie Chart