In October, the Summit Township Road Crew will be trimming the trees in Valley View and on Glory Drive that are projecting past the curb and into the road. These branches pose potential problems for passing vehicles. If you have a tree near your home that you usually trim yourself in a certain way, please check to see if the branches need trimmed and do so before crews arrive. The tentative plan is for work to begin closer to late October
The road crew will be crack sealing the following roads starting 9/20/21 (due to the limited availability of materials, some roads may not be done):
Dundee Rd
Glencoe Rd
Glenmar Gardens
Hawick Rd
Melvin Road
Merle Ave
Ponderosa Dr
Proctor Ave
Robison Road (Hessinger to Peach)
Veit Drive
Weber Lane
Suit-Kote will be in around September 23rd (weather dependent) to seal the following roads:
Cherry St Ext
Auto Row
Old French Rd