Frequently Asked Questions

There is no ordinance regulating chickens in agricultural areas (RR (Resources – Rural) and RN (Resources – Natural) Districts).

Chickens (Domestic Fowl) are regulated in residential areas by Zoning Ordinance 2021-02 Section 614.02 Urban Agriculture:

  • Permitted as an accessory use on residential lots in the RLD (Residential – Low Density) and RMD (Residential – Medium Density) Districts. Visit the Zoning and Land Development page to see the Zoning Map
  • Domestic fowl shall only be kept on a residential lot on which there is an occupied dwelling or on a lot abutting a school when the activity is for an educational purpose accessory to the school.
  • Domestic fowl may be kept in the following numbers:
  • – On lots smaller than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet but at least two thousand (2,000) square feet, up to six (6) fowl may be kept.
  • – On lots of twenty thousand (20,000) square feet in area or larger, up to twelve (12) fowl may be kept.
  • If a lot has more than one (1) dwelling unit, all adult residents and the owners of the lot must consent in writing to allow fowl on the property.
  • The fowl must be provided with a covered, predator-resistant coop that is properly ventilated, designed to be easily accessed, cleaned, and maintained. The coop must be at least three (3) square feet per fowl.
  • All animal feed shall be stored in a secured, rodent-proof container and housed within an enclosed structure.
  • Fowl shall be located at least ten (10) feet from any property line. In the instance of multiple contiguous lots under the same ownership, the lots shall be treated as one lot.
  • During daylight hours, fowl must have access to the coop and also have access to an outdoor area that is adequately fenced to protect them from predators and to prevent them from roaming onto neighboring properties.
  • Fowl must be closed in a coop from dusk to dawn to be further protected from predators.
  • Fowl may be humanely killed by or at the direction of the owner or keeper thereof in accordance with existing state and federal regulations.
  • No predatory birds, guinea fowl, or roosters may be kept.

Summit Township does not have an ordinance to regulate residential noise. If necessary, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police

Summit Township does not have an ordinance to regulate barking dogs.
Summit Township is not responsible for the wet conditions of yards caused by rain or natural drainage patterns.
If you would like to learn more about how to care for your lawn in the spring, the Master Gardeners at Penn State Extension are available to try to answer your questions. Call the Garden Hotline at (814) 825-0900 and choose option 3 or email Visit the Garden Hotline website
Visit the Ordinance Page to read the Fireworks Ordinance

Consumer Fireworks
A person may not intentionally ignite or discharge:

  • Consumer Fireworks on public or private property without the express permission of the owner.
  • Consumer Fireworks or sparkling devices within, or throw consumer fireworks or sparkling devices from, a motor vehicle or building.
  • Consumer Fireworks or sparkling devices into or at a motor vehicle or building or at another person.
  • Consumer Fireworks or sparkling devices while the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug.
  • Consumer Fireworks within 150 feet of an Occupied Structure.

Display Fireworks
Large fireworks to be used solely by professional pyrotechnicians:

  • Display Fireworks Permits are required to be issued by the Township prior to the use of Display Fireworks. Application for permits shall be made, in writing, at least thirty (30) days in advance of the planned date of the use of Display Fireworks.

Do I Need A Permit?


Though a zoning permit is not needed, a building permit may be required under the Pennsylvania Construction Code or other ordinance. Please contact Building Inspection Underwriters to determine if a building permit is needed before beginning your project.

No zoning permit shall be required for the following:

  • Any unheated addition, storage building, or deck under 100 sq. ft. – must comply with all other sections of Zoning Ordinance 2021-02 including setbacks.
  • Steps not exceeding 32 square feet.
  • Stoops not exceeding 32 square feet.
  • Chimneys not exceeding 32 square feet.
  • Handicap ramps.
  • Overhangs provided they do not extend more than 24 inches beyond the outside wall.
  • Ground level pads and sidewalks.
  • Mailboxes, Flagpoles, Light Poles, Utility Boxes, Curbs, Retaining Walls, Decorative walls, and Fences.
  • Roof-mounted cupolas, roof-mounted wind turbines, roof-mounted solar panels and roof-mounted antennas.
  • Fences 6 FEET OR LESS do not need a zoning or building permit
  • A fence may be installed and located up to a property boundary (a small setback is recommended to provide future maintenance of the fence). It is recommended to have the property surveyed if exact boundaries are unknown
  • The direction the fence faces is not regulated
  • IF YOU OWN A CORNER PROPERTY, a fence cannot be built within the 100 ft. Clear Sight Triangle
  • No fence shall be constructed out of fabric, junk, junk vehicles, appliances, tanks, totes, or barrels

Above Ground Pool – NO Deck
Zoning Permit: NO (but must meet setbacks in your zoning district)
BIU Building Permit: YES

Above Ground Pool – WITH Deck
Zoning Permit: YES
BIU Building Permit: YES

In-Ground Pool
Zoning Permit: YES
BIU Building Permit: YES