♻️ Recycling Update ♻️
As you are aware, the Summit Township curbside recycling program has been temporarily suspended due to Raccoon Refuse closing its doors in 2022. The township is doing its due diligence in attempting to find a replacement hauler while also trying to maintain a cost-effective program. This has proven to be very challenging due to the rising costs of recycling as well as the lack of staff at local haulers. Unfortunately, these challenges are being seen all around the country, and not just with recycling service but with trash service as well. The township is in the process of putting a bid package together. However, even after we go out to bid and award a contract, the curbside pickup program will most likely not resume until the beginning of 2024 due to the awarded hauler having to purchase equipment and hire more staff to accommodate the new contract. Until then, residents are encouraged to use the recycling bins that have been placed next to the Summit Township Municipal Garage on Old French Road. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. For more information, please visit the recycling page on our website: https://summittownship.com/recyclinginfo/