Resident Complaints

Summit Township can only enforce the Township’s rules, regulations, and Ordinances. Private, civil, or criminal disputes are not regulated by the Township’s Ordinances. We encourage residents to contact an attorney or the police to resolve such disputes as may be appropriate.

  • In order to facilitate any investigation of a violation of the Township’s Ordinances, we require that the complainant provide their contact information and sign the form.
  • All written complaints are confidential and are not subject to inspection under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law.
  • Complaints may result in proceedings that require witness testimony if a hearing is deemed necessary. Anyone filing a complaint must understand the possibility of being a witness and may be subpoenaed to testify in any proceedings.
  • Please provide as much information regarding the complaint including photographs and/or video evidence. The more information you can provide, the better you can assist our zoning and code enforcement administrators with their investigation of your complaint.
  • If the information on the form is illegible or if contact information is missing, the complaint will not be accepted.
  • After filing your complaint, if would like an update on the status, contact the zoning office. The office will not contact you to keep you informed.