Per PennDOT: Work at the Oliver Road Roundabout in Summit Township, Erie County will head into the last phase soon as final layer of paving starts the week of September 26, 2022. It is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete the paving, weather permitting.

(**A friendly note from Summit… Due to how the roundabout needs to be paved, there will times when multiple legs will be temporarily closed, and legs may be closed multiple times throughout the operation. Expect delays possibly up to an hour or longer as the asphalt is compacted and cooled. It is highly recommended to avoid the area until paving operations are complete.**)

During that time, portions of Oliver, Hamot, and Flower roads will have to be closed. Motorists are advised to be alert for traffic pattern changes near the intersection and to follow detours signs, as they will be changing as the paving and line painting progresses.
Once the paving is complete, the single-lane, five-leg roundabout will be fully opened to all traffic though additional work will be done off road, including signs, sidewalks, drainage, landscaping and lighting. The project is expected to be completed in October 2022.
PennDOT is reminding drivers approaching a roundabout to yield to vehicles already in the circle, never stop inside a roundabout, and use their signal before exiting the circle. Information on safety and efficiency improvements realized through roundabouts is available at
Additional Information on the Oliver Road Roundabout Project, including progress photos, is available online at