In 2018, the Township began work on a Comprehensive Plan which involved visioning and goal setting for the community’s future. Residents played a key role in directing this process. Regarding land use and development, the Plan seeks a balance between preserving the rural character of residential neighborhoods and managing the growth of commercial assets and regional destinations. Principles, such as these, helped to guide zoning updates found in the proposed Summit Township Future Land Use Map.

Most zoning districts have remained unchanged, with only their names being updated. For example, “R-1 Residential” is now “RLD Residential – Low Density.”

Please follow the link below to an online map where you can view the existing Zoning Map and compare it to the Future Land Use Map. You can use the search function in the top left to find your address. Then you will find a slider to switch from the current zoning and the future land use. In addition, you can view the current and proposed permitted use tables for each zoning district.

Summit Township Future Land Use Map