Land Development and Zoning

Department Overview

The office of Land Development and Zoning is charged with the broad responsibility of administering the Summit Township Subdivision, Land Development & Mobile Home Park Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance, Stormwater Ordinance, Floodplain Ordinance, Sidewalk Ordinance and all General Ordinances enacted by the Township. This office also serves as an informative and administrative assistant for the Summit Township Planning Commission, as well as the Summit Township Zoning Hearing Board. All duties and tasks associated with Summit Township Permits and Ordinance Enforcement are handled by the Land Development and Zoning Office.  We work very hard and pride ourselves at being as efficient and informative as possible, in order to provide the most helpful  experience to all Summit Township Residents, Developers, Engineers and Surveyors.

Summit Township Maps


Base Map

Base Map

Zoning Map

Transportation Plan

Transportation Plan

Summit Township Comprehensive Plan, Adopted March 5, 2001:

A comprehensive plan is more than just a document disclosing past and present land use trends with a proposed course of action. It is a process of organizing for the future. The comprehensive plan creates a blueprint for the land use patterns of tomorrow. Thinking about how a community has changed in the past can help predict what changes might be in store for the future. Today, municipal plans mean more than in the past. State agencies are required to consider and rely upon plans and zoning ordinances that are generally consistent. Without a plan, state agencies, developers, elected officials and landowners have nothing to guide them in the decision-making process. To learn more about comprehensive plans or other local government tools, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development link provided below.

Land Development & Zoning Contacts


Jack F. Lee, Jr.
Township Supervisor,
Director of Land Dev.
(814) 868-9686 Ext. 224

Nathan R. Miller
Zoning Administrator,
Floodplain Administaror
(814) 868-9686 Ext. 242

Matthew E. Jonas, PE, LEED AP
Township Engineer
(814) 868-9686 Ext. 245

Kip K. Hayford
Code Enforcement Officer,
Fire Code Inspector
(814) 868-9686 Ext. 223

Tamara L. Cass
(814) 868-9686 Ext. 234


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