Summit, a Township of the Second Class, is the second youngest (Lawrence Park is younger by 72 years) and the second smallest (Lawrence Park is only 1.84 sq. miles vs. Summit at 24.04 sq. miles) township in Erie County, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1854, out of the western part of Greene, the eastern part of McKean and a small section from the northern part of Waterford Township. Many believe the name was derived from early settlers who journeyed from the lakeshore of Erie upwards until reaching the dividing ridge running east to west (which separates the Lake Erie Watershed from the Ohio River Basin), to the top or the “Summit”.

No longer entirely a farm community, Summit is an attractive mix of agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and entertainment facilities. We welcome you to visit us soon!


Summit Township Comprehensive Plan Public Review Draft

June has been quite a busy month in Summit Township. Starting today, Friday, June 22nd, Summit Township’s Draft Comprehensive Plan, Securing Summit’s Success, is available for public review. The Township’s Planning Commission recommended the draft be forwarded to the Summit Township Board of Supervisors who have made it available for review both on Summit Township’s website and in person at the Summit Township Municipal Building.

The planning process has been an exciting one with participation spanning residents, community stakeholders, a Plan Steering Committee, the Planning Commission, Township staff and the Board of Supervisors. Throughout the past 11 months of this process, nearly 800 residents and property owners have answered the call for involvement by responding to the community survey and/or participating in one of the project’s public meetings.  From the outset of the process, the Board of Supervisors recognized that to create a meaningful, action-oriented plan that addresses the opportunities and challenges the community faces, planning must be as inclusive as possible and could not be achieved without the contributions of these many voices. This document represents the culmination of input by these diverse groups and charts a course of realistic actions to further our community in the decade ahead.

The efforts and ideas of residents and stakeholders have been terrific, and it’s exciting to see how the municipality can balance short-term requests with long-term success. In accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, the Comprehensive Plan Public Review draft will remain available for public review for a 45 day period that will conclude on August 6th. The Township will also hold an August 14th Public Hearing at 6 p.m. at the Township’s Municipal Building to receive public comment regarding the plan and prepare for the document’s future adoption.  At the end of this summer, the community’s planning process will be shifting from penning ideas and aspirations to implementing these recommended actions.


Upcoming Supervisors Meeting Agenda

Click here to view. Agenda subject to change.


Important Notice:

As of June 5, 2018 Summit Township has become an Opt-In Municipality and has contracted with Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) to begin enforcing the Uniform Construction Code (UCC). All Building Permits for construction within the municipal boundary of Summit Township must be obtained from BIU and all construction must conform to the requirements of the UCC as required. A representative from BIU will have daily office hours at the Township Office from 8:00 – 9:00 AM every Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) for Township residents and contractors to apply for Building Permits and ask UCC related questions. Residents and contractors can also feel free to contact BIU at their Erie business office located on W. 38th Street by phone number 814-860-8044.

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Upcoming Events

S.T.I.E.D.A. Meeting @ Summit Township Building
Jul 23 @ 7:00 pm

The Industrial and Economic Development Authority meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, and as needed. Agenda item submittal deadline is the first Tuesday of each Month by 4:30 p.m. to the attention of Michelle Nesselhauf at 1230 Townhall Road W. Suite 100, Erie, PA 16509.

Zoning Hearing Board Meeting @ Summit Township Building
Jul 24 @ 7:00 pm

The Zoning Hearing Board meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM, as needed and advertised in the Erie Times News.

Full Zoning Hearing Board decisions are available at the Township Office.

P.H.H.C. Board Meeting
Jul 25 @ 7:00 pm