Summit, a Township of the Second Class, is the second youngest (Lawrence Park is younger by 72 years) and the second smallest (Lawrence Park is only 1.84 sq. miles vs. Summit at 24.04 sq. miles) township in Erie County, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1854, out of the western part of Greene, the eastern part of McKean and a small section from the northern part of Waterford Township. Many believe the name was derived from early settlers who journeyed from the lakeshore of Erie upwards until reaching the dividing ridge running east to west (which separates the Lake Erie Watershed from the Ohio River Basin), to the top or the “Summit”.

No longer entirely a farm community, Summit is an attractive mix of agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and entertainment facilities. We welcome you to visit us soon!


Summit Newsletter 1st Qtr 2015

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Upcoming Events

Submission Deadline for next months Planning Commission & Zoning Hearing Board Meetings
Apr 27 all-day

Land Development Plans that need to be reviewed by the Planning Commission and Applications to go before the Zoning Hearing Board, must be submitted by 4:30 PM on the last Monday of the month in order to make the following months Agenda’s.

Board of Supervisors Meeting
Apr 27 @ 6:00 pm
Industrial and Economic Development Authority @ Summit Township Building
Apr 27 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Industrial and Economic Development Authority meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, and as needed. Agenda item submittal deadline is the first Tuesday of each Month by 4:30 p.m. to the attention of John Troutman or Marjorie Hudak at 1230 Townhall Road W. Suite 100, Erie, PA 16509.